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White Denim

white denim
white denim

I honestly can not remember the last time I actually sported a pair of white denim. Besides the fact that they are difficult to keep clean, white denim has to be worn "right", during the "right" time, and with the "right" shirt. Now that it's officially spring, white denim and light colored clothes are the best way to stay cool in the southern California heat and still look fashionable. Before rushing out to the nearest mall and purchasing a pair, know that not everyone can pull off this look. These jeans should be reserved for the physically fit and slim guys, as white tends to adds lbs and take away from ones shape. The jeans should not be baggy or skinny, but a nice slim or straight fit will accentuate the jeans' design. 

If the fit is right, then try opting to go without a belt. White denim looks great when paired with a light colored vintage tee or slim fitting button up so don't be afraid to experiment. As for the footwear, these jeans really do look great with almost anything from boat shoes, to sneakers, to boots, to sandals, to low-top tennis shoes. Seeing as though Los Angeles is a beach city during the summer, flip flops and sandals would look best while strolling the boardwalk. There are tons of stores in Southern California such as Pac-Sun, Express, Gap, and of course the vintage stores on Melrose and Beverly blvd that carry great white denim. A good distressed slim pair would retail anywhere from $59.00-150.00. Always be aware of your body type, especially when deciding to wear white denim.