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'White Collar' season 6 reportedly a go: Shortened season ahead to wrap series

Matt Bomer and 'White Collar' will return for season 6
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Fans of “White Collar” have been anxiously awaiting spoilers regarding a season 6 of the show. There's both good news and bad news for fans of the show out now, and Deadline shared the details on March 20.

Though the deal has not yet been made official yet, Deadline reports that “White Collar” season 6 will be a go, but it will be at severely shortened season. The two sides, production and the network, just couldn't come up with a good plan that met the needs of both sides it seems, and cost was said to be the primary issue. One side, the network, seemingly wanted a mini-series, while production wanted a full season order.

The deal that everybody is reportedly agreeing to will give fans just six episodes to see "White Collar" wrapped up for good. While six episodes will feel like far too few for many fans, it is certainly a better option than seeing the show not return at all, especially given how season 5 ended.

There is no date shared as of yet when “White Collar” season 6 will premiere, but filming has not even started yet so clearly it will likely be fall or so. Just how well it all end? Fans will have to stay tuned for “White Collar” spoilers as season 6 is developed and filmed.

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