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'White Collar' is one con you'll be happy you fell for

White Collar ( is the newest addition to the USA Network's ( stable of excellent shows (Psych, In Plain Sight, Burn Notice, and Royal Pains), and the pilot does a good job of proving White Collar belongs in the same sentence with those programs.  White Collar stars Matthew Bomer ( as Neal Caffrey, an imprisoned master con man and Tim DeKay ( as Peter Burke, the FBI agent who put him away.  While Peter is working on tracking down another master grifter, Neal escapes prison with only four months left on a four year sentence, because his wife left him, and he must hurry to try to track her down before she disappears on him for good.  Neal is unable to catchup to his wife before Peter catches up to him.  However, when Neal is able to help Peter identify some crucial evidence in tracking down the other confidence man he's chasing, instead of remaining in prison, Neal is put under house arrest as a consultant under Peter's charge.

White Collar works really well.  It's fun, stylish, smart, and solid.  Everyone fits their role to a tee, and the plot is an excellent balance of past baggage, present circumstances, and future mischief that keeps the viewer guessing, entertained, and hungry for more.


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