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White by Vera Wang sets new standard for brides-to-be

The Satin Faced Organza Gown has a modern twist to a classic style.

There are many details that go into planning a wedding. For any bride, the most important is by far the wedding dress. As some brides conclude, the dress sets the tone for the entire wedding. Therefore, it’s no secret that finding the perfect wedding dress can take weeks, even months perhaps, and the tighter your budget, the harder it may be.

The name Vera Wang is probably the first thing that pops into your head upon hearing the words ‘wedding dress’ – and there’s good reason for it. Over the years, Wang has set the bar for extravagant bridal gowns and has styled several celebrity brides (including Khloe and Kim Kardashian). Fortunately for us non-celebrities, Wang has launched a line, White by Vera Wang, consisting of bridal gowns as well as bridesmaids’ dresses for the famously known bridal boutique, David’s Bridal.

The bridal collection features a variety of gowns to fit any style. From chic and contemporary to classic and extravagant, Wang offers a selection for any type of bride. I bet one of the first things many brides-to-be are wondering is what are the prices. I am happy to inform you that the prices are fairly reasonable for bridal gowns. Depending on the type of dress and the accessories you choose to go along with it, you can most likely purchase a dress for a decent price.

Now what would any wedding be without bridesmaids? Wang’s bridesmaids selection is quite limited, however, with the styles that are available, there is little room to complain. Wang mixes in modern and vintage creating dresses that are so unbelievably amazing that words will not do them justice. Many of them are offered in a variety of colors, they are all reasonably priced and the best thing is that after the wedding is over, the bridesmaids can wear these dresses again as they are too gorgeous to leave hanging in the closet.

If you or anyone you know is planning a wedding, be sure to suggest White by Vera Wang – they will forever be grateful.

What do you think of the collection for David’s Bridal? If you have any photos of the collection from your wedding, send them over and they may be featured on my page. Email me at

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