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White Apple iPhone 4 coming soon to AT&T and Best Buy?

White Apple iPhone 4 coming soon to AT&T and Best Buy?
White Apple iPhone 4 coming soon to AT&T and Best Buy?

Following earlier reports that Best Buy will soon begin selling the white version of iPhone 4 first slated for release last July, it appears that Dallas-based AT&T will also offer the color-challenged iPhone for sale.

Boy Genius Report has published an image from AT&T’s online management system, which shows listings for a white iPhone 4 16GB model and a 32GB model, in addition to 32GB and 16GB models of iPhone 3GS.

Unfortunately for those who’ve held out for a white iPhone 4, it should be noted that both the Best Buy and AT&T stories remain nothing more than speculation, with no definite launch date announced for the white iPhone 4. It is believed that if it is made available to consumers, the timing for the release may be late February or early March.

White iPhone 4 is, along with “antennagate,” one of the few problems Apple’s experienced since the launch of iPhone 4. Apple issued an apologetic statement to customers announcing the first delay of the white model to July, then October, before pushing it back again until the spring. People familiar with the matter said problems arose with its translucent back, which allowed light to filter through to the camera, altering its ability to take balanced photos.

Unless you’ve coveted white iPhone 4 like no other device in history, purchasing one may be to your detriment if it’s released in the coming weeks. Why? You may have buyer’s remorse if the next version of Apple’s smartphone, possibly named iPhone 5, is announced in the June-July timeframe typical of Apple iPhone releases.

Do you believe white iPhone 4 will soon be available? If so, will you purchase one? Why/why not?

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