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The Frauenfeld Clinic, and The Global Myopia Epidemic Cover Up

Meet Alex Frauenfeld - one of the few voices of dissent in the eyesight care community. Unlike this outspoken character, most practitioners are mum about the realities of myopia - the fact that it could easily be prevented, and even cured.

Science has Alex Frauenfeld to thank for this new discovery!

The findings, replicated in many peer reviewed studies published in medical science journal, come to the same conclusions.

Termed NITM, or near work induced transient myopia, is the root cause of myopia for most of those affected - which is as many as 2 billion people worldwide.

NITM, once you remove the jargon, just means one thing: too much time looking at close-up objects.

In other words, the long days reading and in front of the computer are the causes of your eyesight deficiency.

The Frauenfeld Clinic contains hundreds of articles on the subject, and reviewed many of the published studies by major universities and science journals. He explains: “This symptom is ‘transient’, in other words, not permanent. The focusing muscle in your eye (the ciliary) simply spasms from too much exertion (close-up vision makes the muscle tense to enable a sharp image in your eye). If the optic shop recommended activities to release the muscle tension, they wouldn't have to sell you glasses. This of course, nobody with a retail shop wants to hear.”

Unfortunately, after you get and wear glasses, it’s too late for the simple fix.

And that’s why all the alternative online things, like Bates Method and eye yoga, just don’t work. Glasses make your myopia worse, another dark secret the vision health industry would rather not discuss. It also makes guys like Alex Frauenfeld less than popular in optometric circles, since that message threatens the business.

Amazingly, there are hundreds of studies, conducted over the past 40 years, come to the same conclusion about glasses and their long term effect on your eyesight.

Even a term has been coined, so common are the findings: Lens Induced Myopia

The premise is simple: If you put a minus lens (what you wear to correct your myopia) in front of the eye, be it human, monkey, bird, mouse, or even fish (and yes, all of these have been studied) in front of the eye, it gets more myopic.

That doesn’t even sound surprising considering that just about every single person who ever had glasses prescribed, had their eyes get worse. Usually it’s a yearly event, during your vision checkup, that you are sold new, higher prescriptions.

It’s a profitable business. Companies like Essilor (a 16 billion dollar a year lens maker), have record profits, and a consistent year-over-year growth in revenue.

The British Journal of Ophthalmology had this to say about these practices:

“Ophthalmologists should also recognize and take up the challenge of preventing or curing myopia by addressing its cause and not simply treating the consequences.”

Of course, these pleas fall on deaf ears. After all, it’s a profit business, not an eye health business, the optic shops that diagnose and prescribe you those glasses, and sell the fashion frames to go with them.

For more on the subject, and articles written by Alex Frauenfeld exposing the realities of myopia (as well as ways to stop this deficiency), visit

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