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Whistle blower, Patriot, Traitor?

NBC News
NBC News
Willford Patrick

After watching the interview Eric Snowden did with Brian Williams again, there was one little piece of information that really struck me as interesting. Maybe shocking if true. When Snowden was asked about his experience or back ground working for the government, Eric Snowden very briefly and matter of fact like, stated that he still currently works for the government. Maybe Mr. Snowden fell asleep at that moment and was dreaming, or just not being completely forthright. Whatever the case, his statement does bring into question, how has Eric Snowden been making a living these days. Did he bankroll a lot of money before he took it on the lamb to China?

Is he from a wealthy family, or could he possibly be on the payroll for someone. Eric Sowden maintained that he has not met nor has any kind of relationship with Vladimir Putin. You can take that for what its worth. Snowden also claimed that he was trying to come back to the U.S. before his VISA was pulled and that he is ready to come home. And top government officials have said that they want Eric Snowden back stateside, for obvious reasons. So why is Mr. Snowden still in Russia? There is a good chance that we will never find out the truth about Eric Snowden`s roll with the government or his motives. Patriot or Traitor? We are going to have to wait on that answer a little while longer.