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Whispers from the lost spring


Looking South to Tahama sprinin Monument Valley Park by J. Bauer April, 2010

Visitors to our fair Little London do well to wonder why it's called Colorado Springs when there seem to be none in the area unless you travel up into the hills of Manitou area.

The spring the town was named for was finally capped and forgotten back in 1965 after the floodsdestroyed much of Monument Valley Park and many of the bridges were washed away.

The little spanish style pavilion built in 1926 and hand pump were razed and only the cement slab, font base, and seating surround show where Tahama Spring, named  for the Sioux Chief , scout, and friend of Zebulon Pike, and meaning Rising Moose, once happily flowed.

It's obvious on visiting this little shady area after a few minutes that the spring isn't the only thing dead and yet remaining there. 

What remains of the pump fount By J. Bauer

Sitting along the beautiful curved stone seats you begin to hear whispers from another time. Conversations just out of intelligibility echo along the stones. Children laughing and splashing is most common. The voices of women of all ages gossiping and calling after their young, At night they seem to be of a darker nature, crying and arguments are heard. And sometimes the beating of far drums and wailing.

All when the fairly quiet park seems empty the only real sounds of I25 and the passing trains. Occasionally a holler echoes from the college playing field across the levy of the low river, winding through the half dry sandy bed, choked with cattails and branches from previous floods. 

Cody against the whispering wall Photo by J. Bauer

Just past the islanded pond is a swimming pool and play area but the whispers seem detached from these. Like they are happening right in front of you if you close your eyes. They seem to be a faded version almost followable behind your closed lids.

I've found no record of anyone EVPing the site yet but it seems like a great place to try. Contamination would be an issue for evidencial proof but curious interest in what they are talking about might outweigh the need to prove their existence.

There is some discussion of plans for reopening the spring. What this will mean to those that remain there no one can guess. As an asset to the honor of our town I believe it's a necessity and hope plans go forward sooner rather than later lest all memory of what once was is lost to time.


  • Paricia 5 years ago

    Yes, Colorado Springs need a spring. This would be a good toursit attraction.
    PS. Cute kid next to the wall.

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