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Whispered, Samurai Metal from Finland

The world is getting smaller every day and it's easier to get influenced with different people and cultured than ever before. Finnish Whispered has been influenced big time by Japanese Boshido culture and have been making samurai themed metal since 2010. The band has released two albums so far, 'Thousand Swords' in 2010 and 'Shogunate Macabre' earlier this year.

Whispered promo photo
Onni Kinnunen / Redhouse

In an interview in Inferno magazine (Finnish only) the artistic director, vocalist and guitarist Jouni Valjakka says "I got this idea of mixing Japanese instruments with melodeath when I was a teenager. Now we stand out of the masses [of metal bands] and do our own thing. When we dove into the concept deeper, wrote more music and I found myself in a very inspiring environment. My lyrics are abut Bushido and Japanese mythology with all the spirits and demons. We only tell stories and don't have any religious messages"

There's some similarities between Finnish and Japanese mentality and for which ever reason Finnish metal bands do really well in Japan. I would think that Whispered will touring extensively in Japan in the future.

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