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Whisper of the Heart: recommendation and review

This recommendation and review is on Whispers of the Heart. It was released by Studio Ghibli.
The movie starts with Oliva Newton-John’s version of Country Roads. It’s about a girl named Shizuku and a boy named Seiji. They are in the same grade by different classes and are preparing for their high school exams. They haven’t met each other. But every time Shizuku checked out a book from the library, he always had checked out the book before she did. Meanwhile she is working on a song to the tune of ‘Country Roads’ for Junior High Graduation.

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One day she follows a cat and meets this old man, who seems to be one of the many owners this cat has, at his shop and becomes intrigued by a cat statue that he calls The Baron. She leaves in a hurry, because she was suppose to take her dad his lunch. She’s at the library where he works when she is stopped by the old man’s grandson to give her the lunch bag. The boy insults her. The rest of the day she is intrigued and wonders who he is. While at the same time wondering who this Seiji is? As time goes on and still wondering who the boy is, a thought springs to her mind: what if that rude boy and Seiji are the same person?

After stopping by the old man’s shop again, but he’s closed that same boy is nice enough to let her in. She finds out that he plays violins and makes them too. The boy dreams of studying abroad to perfect his violin crafting ability, but his parents are against it. But eventually his parents warm up to the idea and he goes to out of the country for a little while.

Because of this Shizuku decides that she wants to see what she is capable off and to see if she is worthy of being with the boy she like. What’s her project? To write a novel centered around the figurine called The Baron and the other cat statue that goes with it, which is a female cat.

Does she find out who the boy is? Do they both realize there dreams? You’ll have to watch to find out!
This examiner recommends this for everyone to watch. Its rated G. It coming of age story mixed with romance. So, a little something for everyone to enjoy.

If you live in the Colorado Springs area, you can find this at you local PPLD branch. It is available on DVD. Happy Watching!



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