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Mom eats baby, Feared Retardation

If you saw this as a headline (as you may have just done) you would be full of one or many emotions. This can include outrage, curiosity, disgust, self-righteous indignation, and just plain I am better than you. Because what type of mother would eat her child, just because it’s retarded.

Well in this case it was a rat. I don’t begrudge this rat, I assume the baby was sick and she was just being tidy. Rats eat their own feces too by the way. That should make an even better title.

But it’s these types of headlines, the people behind writing them, the media outlets allowing them and the general public full of a spectrum of paranoid and sometimes lack of self-esteemed individuals who are keeping it going. These headlines and articles make media outlets a lot of money, and writers as well. And many normal, decent human beings, that truly believe they are open-minded and kind, fall prey to being judgmental, spreading hate and wind up becoming ignorant of their own prejudices.

So as a good friend of mine has reminded me when researching anything that is upsetting, you want to get to the source. Follow the money. So when you are questioning whether or not George Bush punches babies, or Obama is a Muslim or whether or not the healthcare act is really going to be affordable. You have to look at who stands to benefit when what you are being told is so negative. Could it be because so and so is just evil, or could it be that the situation can cost someone else millions of dollars? I may not care for everything George W said, but I am pretty sure he didn’t punch any babies. But someone will say it because they are perhaps on the opposite team, and well if they want their guy in next, they have to convince you this way is the wrong way. Same goes for the Obama is a Muslim, but the reality is, Muslims in general do not condone woman’s rights, birth control and pretty much find Homosexuality as evil, definitely would not support marriage. So if Obama was a Muslim he would actually be a Republican.

Chances are when you are being convinced that something is bad; it might be because someone else stands to make a lot of money off of a solution. So if we are told to hate the public school system, we may be convinced charter schools are awesome. But they are also for profit. And though there are issues within our schools no doubt, this doesn’t make the other alternative all that much better. Same goes with healthcare, a lot of insurance companies have a lot to lose (money) with this new law, CEO’s will now be capped at 20% of profits for salaries. So of course they are putting the pressure on Washington and you to also hate it. It’s not because they hate Obama or even you, they just love your money so much.

I have seen this so much recently, whether its misinformation about the ACA, or that Disney hates disabled people, it’s all twisted, slanted etc. to get you mad and to click, and then pass it on. I actually saw an article that was slanted to make you think that now the government can come in to your home for an inspection as part of the ACA. Reality is, guess what that law has existed for some time; it has to do with Child Protective Services, and for Medicaid moms to have nurses come in if they want them to. No one is coming in to your home that you don’t allow. But someone will believe it, because some guy thought of some great way to slant some old information and make it sound new. Kudos to him, he will have a nice pay check this month.

So as they say, don't believe everything you read and only half of what you see. Though I think what is more important is just to check yourself, check your perspective. Perspective is your reality, you have a choice every day to find the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. So make sure your windows are clean when you are looking out at the world before you go run your mouth and twist things into some new brand of hate and disappointment. You want the world to change, you do truly have to be that change.

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