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Whiskey-flavored ice cream? Travesty or tempting?

NOT the new whiskey-flavored ice cream - just ice cream.
NOT the new whiskey-flavored ice cream - just ice cream. (Creative Commons)

Just announced, an ice cream maker in Ahmedabad, India, has decided to make a non-alcoholic, whiskey-flavored ice cream. Once the cries of "why?!" die down, the next question should probably be "which whiskey?".

The Gujarat-based Havmor Ice Cream (a great name in itself) told the Economic Times that the new ice cream flavor is in line with its current and previous offerings of bubblegum-flavored lollipop, paan, and matka. While I was unable to find out what matka is, my Indian co-worker told me she would check with her husband who spent time in Gujarat.

The biggest question remaining in my mind - other than "how can I get this ice cream?" - is what kind of whiskey will they be using? Mr. Pradeep Chona, promoter of Havmor Ice Cream, has stated it will be Scotch-flavored but, once again, as our national Scotch Examiner can explain, there are a wide variety of flavors there. Is it peaty? Unlikely, but that could make for an interesting taste sensation.

Mr. Chona told the Economic Times:

"One must never stop experimenting with food. If you stop innovating, you will perish. Call it a survival tactic or sheer will to excel through our product offering, we have always attempted to bring in innovation to our products."

There are specialty and independent stores here in the US that are likely to provide their own style of whiskey-flavored ice cream. If you've tried one of these, what was your experience and what kind of whiskey or Scotch was used? Leave comments below.