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Whirlpool Corporation Outlet Partners with Chap Oscar!

100 Years of Service
100 Years of Service
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Music City 1 is now proudly a part of the Whirlpool Corporation Outlet. As Founder/CEO this is a significant partnership because it allows us to work together towards delivering greater savings on major appliances. Whirlpool has been a part of people's homes for over 100 years. Visit our Home page for more exciting details at

I have found out it does not take a majority to win or to make change; it only takes a few determined originals and a right cause. Music City1 Greater Nashville City Guide has been a dream for many years in the making and it is real nice to have people coming on board whose contributions are for the betterment of all involved.

Thank you Whirlpool you're one of our Founding Partners and we honor the choice to partner with us.

CISM Chaplain Oscar Smith