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Whimsy and Spice and everything nice

Being a tired mom in my fifth year of the job, I would be remiss if I didn't write a little something about Mother's Day, right? It just so happens that my birthday falls a week before the big mommy holiday. So for the past few years, when my husband finally caught on, I've been celebrating with extra special attention for two to three weeks in early May.

One of my wonderful besties who lives in San Francisco also happens to be a pop-culture junkie and foodie. She's skinny, so I don't know how she does it, but she loves fine dining and little yummy spots. Come to think of it, every time she has ever visited me in New York, she's usually the one showing me around, taking me to little known chocolate shops, etc.

So, last week when I turned 29 again, this sweet, smart chum of mine not only called -- she texted, face booked, sent a card in the mail...And on the actual day of my birthday, I got a box of sweets -- like brownies and cookies and chocolates. What? And these sweets (that are now gone of course ) were so delicious that I've decided to give the rest of you the scoop on this Brooklyn find. The shop is called Whimsy and Spice. My advice is to get there in person or order something online right now. Go!

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