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While Weiner may resign, his anatomically correct doll is a big hit!

The anatomically correct Anthony Weiner doll is selling like hot cakes!
The anatomically correct Anthony Weiner doll is selling like hot cakes!
The Political Commentator

Why the Weiner situation is a situation at all! And how does national security fit in?

The question is often asked, "Why, if what Weiner did is a victimless crime for all but his own family and the women that he tweeted lewd photos too, why is this story such a big deal?"

Weiner' "crime" was not really victimless as it could have easily compromised our national security

If Mr. or Mrs. front porch did what Weiner did it would be a nothing story with absolutely no traction. But the fact of the matter is that, for whatever reason, we will typically hold our political leaders to a somewhat higher standard.

There are exceptions of course (see, Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Robert Byrd etc.) but in order to cast a vote we need to feel that there is some semblance of integrity and honesty.

When someone in the position of Anthony Weiner looks as comfortable lying in front of the cameras as he did, it was obviously not his first time.

From a national security standpoint, what if Weiner was lured into a Twitter relationship by someone or some group with the intention of blackmailing the Congressman into voting a certain way or pushing a certain agenda or worse?

Bottom-line? Our politicians need to keep it buttoned up, at least until they are out of office! Then tweet away!

The Weiner doll, condom and t-shirt - Selling like hot cakes!

"Due to the controversy and nature of the Twitter acts there is a Weiner doll complete complete with penis that has been selling like hot cakes for $49.95 The company expects to sell 1,000 this week with interest in the doll so intense that the website crashed.

There is a T-shirt from with the tag-line "Tweet your meat, lose your seat" and Weiner condoms with his picture on the wrapper from that has sold 6,000 units." (The Political Commentator)


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