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While vibration gives us form, polarity shows us paradox

Along our metaphysical journey into the nature of the universe, we come to the Law of Polarity which offers the reality that everything (in our shared reality) is dual. Every aspect of our universe is a duality in and of itself. For every cause, there is an affect; everything that rises must also fall; cold and heat; light and darkness; yin and yang. We have all heard and experienced a manifestation of this powerful principle in our lives yet few have truly pondered the true depth of understanding that polarity offers our understanding of the building blocks of creation. Taking the coveted "big bang theory" as an example, the bang, erupted divine light (energy) in 360 degrees of perpetual creation. Within the context of the infinite universe and all of its dimensions, the nature of divine law dictates that the polarity principle is manifest in all things and on all planes mental, astral, physical and akashic.

At it's core, the principle of polarity says that everything has two sides that exist in equally opposite degrees; a Yin and a Yang, if you will. In the physical for example, light and darkness are merely different sides of the same energy that exist simultaneously in varying degrees. Another common example is that of water, which can exist together as solid, liquid and gas based on its interaction with heat. Depending on the temperature (or polarity) of the heat energy, you get ice, water or steam. In any of these states, the same hydrogen and oxygen atoms exist in varying degrees thus giving us their different physical manifestations or aspects. With this understanding, we are also reminded of the coalescing nature of the divine laws. As the ruler of absolutes, polarity encompasses everything in between love and hate, good and evil, light and dark.

Furthermore, when we apply this concept in the context of our collective consciousness bound by cyclical time, on a sphere-shaped planet, we see shades of correspondence and vibration when you consider that every pole has its corresponding opposite and a corresponding vibration. In spiritual terms, we can more easily understand how the principle of polarity is expressed as our perception of good and evil, angels and demons respectively. Again we see the paradox revealed in the fact that a demon is nothing more than a "fallen angel" or a high-vibration energy downgraded to a low vibration or polarity. The Holy Bible tells us that even Lucifer (a.k.a. the devil) was himself an "angel of light" or the light bearer of the almighty until his famous demotion to an earth-bound snake. Ask yourself, where does good end and evil begin? At what point does a person flip from being good to being evil? Or, would a more relevant question be, does evil and good exists simultaneously in equally opposite degrees within all of us? The same can be said for hate and love, positive and negative, high and low, quiet and loud, male and female, etc. Even creation itself has an opposite called destruction. In order for life to exist, death must also occur.

We can view polarity as a sliding scale that is defined by the varying degrees between the two poles (opposites) of the one thing. Let's take love and hate. Even though a person is in love with their mate, and their mate is in the vibration of love with them, there are things about the other person that resonate a varying degree of love and hate. The female's compulsion to continuously clean up may be a pet peeve of the male and he may hate that aspect of his mate's personality and the female may hate the male's lack of initiative when it comes to cleaning up. But, conversely along the lines of polarity, the female experiences much joy when the male surprises her with flowers occasionally whereas the male, is completely smitten when the female bakes him brownies like his mom used to. In this relationship example, we see varying degrees of love and hate but no such thing as absolute love or hate exists between them. ; merely varying degrees of love and hate that fluctuate over time. This example represents a microcosm of all relationships in the universe whether between people, energies, or material substances. These relationships (interactions) are continuously regulated by the law of polarity and are subject to the ebbs and flows between the polarities of love and hate, negative and positive, good and bad, up and down, hot and cold, us and them, and so on. With the application of our concept of cyclical time, polarity gives rise to the occurrence of another law that is inherently embedded in every occurrence between the two poles.

Herein lies the ultimate truth that the Kybalion conveys comes to light: opposites are identical in nature but different in degrees; extremes meet; all truths are but half truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.

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