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While private sector suffers, government employee compensation explodes



  • Tex 6 years ago

    I am a municipal employeewho makes close to $100K. I work far in excess of my expected 40 hours weekly. If I took my experience, advanced degrees and track record into the public sector, I am certain I could increase my earnings at least 25% and quite possibly more. But there is more to a career than extrinisics. I stay because I work with a good team, get to make a poistive difference for my fellow citizens and remain dedicated to the goals set by our elected officials. Please don't tar all public employees with the same brush. Many work hard, go to school and put in hours you can't imagine to make a difference. Dedication has its' monetary benefits as opposed to salary-hopping, and it is well earned.

  • Profile picture of Infidel4ever
    Infidel4ever 5 years ago

    The unions are shaking down the taxpayers who do not partake in negotiations, yet are financially liable to pay the lavish compensation, including the non-essential government entities these jobs must be eliminated. What's wrong with this picture?

    Hack politicians and bureaucrats continue implementing burdensome policies and regulations that are obstacles to private sectors prosperity, i.e., killing many private sector jobs which is the financial lifeline source of the public sectors compensation. These miscreants continue protecting the federal and state employees, however their policies and over regulating the prosperity out of the private sector. Hence the private sector is treated with contempt and onerous regulations and policies, which my friend are dwindling all of our future to prosperity, i.e., and that includes your compensation.

    The noose is around the neck of the private sector (the producers of products and goods), i.e., the taxpayers are the backbone to prosperity. We provide a product and/or service which is a market driven. Not mandated policy by a bureaucrat or politician who are clueless in free market economy. Both politicians & public sectors benefit from free market, however, there are less and less of the private sector to provide the financial income necessary to provide and sustain the current burden of these obligations. If you believe your work is well earned, why do you need a union thug to negotiate your salary and benefits?

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