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Which UFC Fighter Has The Best Betting Success?

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Are there any UFC "rainmen" at the betting tables, or is it all luck of the draw? Are any fighters better than the odds makers in Vegas or a good old fashioned coin toss?

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If a fighter picks someone to win or lose, should we listen?

We have all seen fighters make their picks on the latest bouts. GSP famously picked Weidman over Silva, and hinted that Chael Sonnen would give him a run for his money in their first fight. Meanwhile, on the other side of the spectrum, Randy Couture has been "blacklisted" by the media and the fans for being wrong so often. (Unfairly, as it turns out, as his current score is 4 wins and 5 losses - while no betting tables savant, it is not as abysmal as many believe.)

This does beg the question - Who is the best?

Do better fighters make better betters?

Or is it the fighters-turned-coaches who come out ahead?

Often times we assume that the best fighters would make the best pics when it comes to betting on the latest UFC fights, but it turns out this is not always the case.

While coaches and trainers occasionally get higher averages, they also rarely openly state their bets so as to avoid showing their "hands". Greg Jackson technically has 100% but he has only ever publicly announced a pick once.

So, who do we listen to when betting with our hard earned cash?

Who bets on a ton of fights and wins more than they lose?

Who are the top 5 pickers in MMA?

Check out the slideshow to find out!

Oh, and, if you're curious as to who to never listen to...

Nam Phan, Robin Black & Kit Cope all came in at 48% and below for their success rates.

While that's still better than me at the poker tables, you have got a better chance flipping a coin than going with those three!