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Which Translation of the Scriptures is Most Accurate?

When shopping for a bible, many people don't give a thought to which translation is most accurate. Commonly, they assume all bibles are equal since they are all published, or that the King James Version is the most accurate. A little research before you go shopping, however, will show you there is much more to a bible than a consensus or popularity. There are a multitude of bible translations out there, and a broad spectrum in accuracy and ease of reading.

For instance, a Living Bible may be easier to read and comprehend, but it is not as true to the original manuscripts. A New International Version is both easy to read and has many footnotes referring to the manuscripts. An interlinear translation may be the most accurate, but difficult to read.

It is important to know what the original languages were and what the manuscripts contained. The King James versions are known for having additional verses the originals did not, as the first KJV was compiled by the Cathols during the dark ages. The original Scriptures (the Old Testament) were in fact written in Hebrew, with the exception of Daniel which contained both Aramaic and Hebrew. So, when searching, find a Hebrew-English translation of the Old Testament. It will likely be “backwards” of a KJV bible because the Hebrew language is written from right to left. The English is written on the left page, while the Hebrew is on the right, unless it is an interlinear, of course. The Society for Distributing Hebrew Scriptures will send one to you for free, upon written request. The New Testament was compiled in Aramaic and Greek. Aramaic was also written from right to left. An Aramaic-English New Testament is available online from for about $25.

To find out more on this article, use a search engine such as Bing or Ask. There is a small, growing movement in the Wapello County and Jefferson County area to remove pagan traditions from Christianity. To find a meeting, text or leave a message at 641-451-1111. Peace in the Savior.


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures

  • Luana Rae Greenfield 2 years ago

    The New World Translation Holy Scriptures Is the most accurate of all bibles and is easy to read. It has God's name where other bibles took his name out. You don't ever forget to know our heavenly fathers name at Psalms 83:18 " That people may know that you, whose name is Jehovah, You alone are the Most High over all the earth.

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