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Which Stores Have the Most "Bang" for Your Buck?

With the current talks regarding future gun legislation, people have been purchasing firearm items as often as they can, ammunition being one of those. Due to demand, it has become almost impossible to come by and stores have instituted limits on the number of boxes that can be purchased. Here in Lubbock, there are three major stores that sell a variety of ammunition. So the question is, which store gives you the most “bang” for your buck?

Academy Sports and Outdoors, Gander Mountain, and Sharp Shooters Knife & Gun are the major stores to look. Looking at the 100 round Winchester Value Packs, Academy is by far the cheapest. A recent purchase of .40 cal was $36.99 before tax. That equals out to 37 cents per round. Academy, however, is limited to only one box of ammunition, per caliber (up to three calibers), per day.

Gander Mountain has a much higher limit where ten boxes can be purchased, but good luck finding anything besides .45 cal in their stores. Of the value packs, that equals out to a thousand rounds, but the price can vary. A few weeks ago the value packs for .40 cal was $49.99, significantly more than Academy.

Sharp Shooters has a wide selection and has more of a “locally owned” feel. The store is filled with people that have been involved with firearms for a very long time. If you do not know much about what ammunition to buy, shoot, etc., they are the people to ask. Their prices are the highest of the three stores. A 9mm value pack at Gander Mountain can be 40 cents a round, while at Sharp Shooters the same item is 70 cents a round with a limit of two boxes.

As far as ammunition goes, it is hard to come by no matter where you look. Everyone is buying up as much as they can (unless you are looking for hollow points. Those are readily available). It comes down to necessity. Are you going to wait for the cheapest price at one store that has nothing in stock, or “bite the bullet” and spend a few extra dollars at a store that has what you need? Do you even need to buy right now? Ultimately the choice is yours. Shop around and make an educated judgment call for yourself.


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