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Which skin issues cause for a microdermabrasion

Lady getting microdermabrasion

By this point, and due to the previous article, now you may be somewhat familiar with what a microdermabrasion is- but let’s now explore the reasoning behind the treatment. Microdermabrasion buffs away fine lines and discoloration while refining the skin’s texture and hue, and increasing the production of collagen and elastin. An additional plus is that the microdermabrasion is great for scars from either pregnancy, trauma, acne, age spots, chicken pox, or scarring from surgery- so it’s at least worth a try to see if this treatment will help you. Be aware that just one or two treatments may not be sufficient enough, but rather getting a series should be acquired for what you must “so-called” fix, or treat. Other things like melasma and tattoos, although not normally thought of in the same context, can too be treated by a microdermabrasion.

The improvement of your skin does actually depend on which area has been treated, but after about the third treatment the treated person will see noticeable improvements. After the third treatment people have reported that not only does their skin feel softer, smoother, and younger-looking- but any issues that were once visible are reported to be less obvious after having received treatment. Reactions to the microdermabrasion varies depending on which skin type you have, so don’t make the common mistake and ask another individual, “SOOOO, how do you think it’ll work for me!?” The person should answer, “DUMMY, we’re two different people so I don’t know, and I’m NO professional so why the hell would I know!” This is what’s wrong with people as a whole now, asking any and everybody else other than who you should be asking.

Now that that’s out the way, we can procede to exploring what the treatment is like. The feeling that you’ll get is your skin being suctioned while micro crystals are passed and crossed over your skin repeatedly which feels like gentle scrubbing. There’s different levels that the microdermabrasion machine (yes, it’s a machine) can produce, so because of that you’re lucky because it can be adjusted to your skin’s comfort level- and possibly increase the suction power later.

This gentle, yet affective technique produces gratifying results, but do make sure to keep up with the treatments (if need be) in order for it to remain affective. Of course when the issue has been thwarted or when you see desired results, then you may start using the microdermabrasion as a maintenance tool rather than a treatment.

People of color, don’t hesitate to get the treatment because you too can receive it- it’s good and safe for all skin types and colors. And for people of color in America don’t be afraid to try a White aesthetician because a common consensus is “White aestheticians don’t know about the skin of people of color.” It’s understandable to carry that thought process because in America people of color have experienced a great deal of difficulty and have faced challenges when searching for acceptable make-up and skincare for all of the different shades of color and tones people of color encompass, but believe it or not there are White aestheticians out there who are skilled to perform on all skin colors, tones, and skin types because as they put it, “it’s my job to be knowledgeable about all skin types, and it’s my job to know.” Of course there’s truth in why people of color feel that way, since many have had a lot of direct experiences with White aestheticians who didn’t know how to perform on skin of other ethnic or racial groups- but a job is a job and professionals from all ethnic and racial backgrounds know about all skin types so there are many White aestheticians out there who definitely know how to perform on a wider-selection of skin types other than their own kind. Just keep that in mind for next time.

That “beauty issue in America” may seem quite foreign to certain people just because there’s actually people from different countries who don’t even know that Black people even live in the States, let alone born in the States, so there’s your history lesson of the century. Yes, unbelievable as it may seem there are in fact people from far-away lands who’ll look at a Black person actually being from the States (without you being African) cross-eyed. Now you can’t possibly say we don’t need to aim for better cultural learning. But all in all, you can typically trust an aesthetician from any background because they all went through training, and have developed experience to get them through varied skin types. So take a chance next time, and if the microdermabrasion is of interest to you or your skin should receive something like this then don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with an aesthetician no matter of background.

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