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Which pendulum is best for you? – part 3

It is advised that people wishing to use a pendulum for the first time, use the simple silver or silver plated droplet type, which can be hung from a chain or simply a string. Pendulums usually consist of metal or crystal. Some even represent religious figures or symbols. These types of pendulums might also have a small crystal, charm or bead on the chain that you can hold onto for easier use.

The Egyptian Isis pendulum is believed to be great for dowsing.

Few people are aware of the wide variety of pendulums that are now available. A chakra pendulum has seven stones or beads strung on it, within a small container or melded into the weight. The colors represent the charkas within the body. They are orange (lower abdomen and pancreatic gland denoting sexuality and emotions), red (base of the spine and gonad glands representing grounding and survival), green (the heart and thymus gland denoting a person’s love and sense of responsibility), yellow (the solar plexus and adrenal gland denoting power and ego), indigo (pineal gland and middle forehead representing compassion and forgiveness), blue (the thyroid gland and throat denoting our spiritual and physical communication) and purple/violet (the pituitary gland and top of the head, representing universal energies).

A chaotic pendulum involves the use of two pendulums with one that is suspended from the other. Also called a double pendulum, creating larger motions cause it to become more chaotic and “less predictable according to My Physics Lab. The site notes that the first pendulum throws off the second one. The double pendulum is primarily used to formulate “mathematical simulations.”

A hexagonal pendulum is much like the teardrop but has a hexagonal shape resembling a beehive. It is believed that this type of pendulum is especially helpful with healing everything from communication issues to personal relationships. It is believed this pendulum can also be used to find sensitive areas on the body that might be the source of illness. Hexagonal bronzite pendulums are often used for protection, as well as to clear the mind, which can aid in decision-making.

Clear quartz pendulums are not only beautiful but are believed to be quite powerful. This stone is said to aid in concentration and creativity, as well as bring inspiration. This pendulum, which also has stones or beads in the colors of the chakras, is generally used for chakra balancing, to provide protection and/or to purify a person’s mental, spiritual and physical well-being.

Copper is known as an energy conductor, so it is no wonder that this type of pendulum is used in healing. It is considered helpful for those hoping to increase their mental alertness, to fight arthritis and to improve the immune system. The copper pendulum might also include the chakra stones/beads as it is also used to bring the charkas into proper balance. A similar copper pendulum has rings in the color of the charkas instead of stones or beads.

Moonstone is also believed to hold healing qualities. On a pendulum, this stone, along with the chakra stones, is used to bring harmony, increase awareness, lessen the ego, increase one’s nurturing ability and help a person to better express his or her emotions.
There is also a Shiva Lingam stone that is believed to emit very strong vibrations – more so than any other. It is made of Crypto crystalline quartz and when used as a pendulum along with chakra beads, it is believed to help with physical and emotional problems. It is said that this pendulum can also be used to unblock energies within the body.

A green chakra pendulum made of aventurine, is believed to not only improve creativity but also increase feelings of courage and independence. Freeing oneself of fear can help in various areas of life from seeking new adventures to forging ahead with a new business. This pendulum, which also includes the colored stones/beads, is used for medical dowsing.

A pendulum droplet made of Malachite is believed to help rid oneself of negative thinking, reduce tension, improve concentration and bring greater balance to the chakras. Along with the seven chakra stones or beads, this pendulum is used to deal with a variety of physical and emotional problems.

For dowsing

There are pendulums that are especially good for dowsing, such as one made of diamond. Those who swear by them say they act in a similar manner as radar to pinpoint people, places or things. This type of pendulum is used to find everything from water to gold, missing persons and pets, underground pipes, lost objects and specific problems within the body.

Another dowsing tool is the Chambered pendulum, which is usually made of wood and includes a small chamber at the bottom of the weight that tiny things can be inserted into. As well, there are various Egyptian pendulums that come in various geometric shapes. These pendulums that include various gems, wood or porcelain, are based upon the body’s natural radiation of energy to assist with healing or to find certain items.

Egyptian pendulums, some of which are named after various gods, come in many geometric shapes, each emitting its own energy. It is the shape combined with the quality of the material that makes these special. For instance, the Isis pendulum symbolizes the “Cross of Life,” which is said to emit “white rays.” It is comprised of “four plate-like discs called a ‘battery,’ and is made of brass or wood, which are believed to give it “high dowsing sensitivity.


Different types of pendulums

Hexagonal pendulum

Chakra pendulums

Egyptian pendulums

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