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Which one of the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' should stay and who gets the boot


Who will join former "Real Housewives of Atlanta" DeShawn Snow? Who gets voted off in your book?

 Kandi Burruss

Newest member of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" provided some songstress entertainment to the RHOA scene. Kandi's friendship with Kim was "ok" at best since it did not come across completely genuine. The lack of authenticity of their relationship may be more about Kandi's lack of need for having Kim as her BFF. The best part of Kandi on the show was her mom. Mom was a blast in her facial expressions and realness of what she really wanted for her daughter in love and life. Mom always knows best. And although Kandi's decision was made after the show came off air, it was forever made with the untimely passing of AJ Jewell, Kandi's ex-fiance. Should she stay and what will she bring to next season?

Lisa Wu-Hartwell

As much as Lisa is a cutie pie, sometimes her scenes come off a bit flat when with hubby Ex-NFL player Ed Hartwell. In order to spice things up, it would be interesting to see if her ex-hubby R&B singer Keith Sweat injected some on-screen dialog. The custody battle Lisa has over her children with Keith is often played in the media but never mentioned on the show. Lisa is great at instigating fights like "Bonita, I ain't in it" but is it enough to have her stay? Should she stay or go?

NeNe Leakes

Queen of the RHOA is NeNe hands down. Although her drama in finding her real father seems to have come to a head, there may be more drama in how her biological father came to be her biological father and not the man she has been calling daddy (Curtis) for years. Even with the downsizing and rental evictions, NeNe has seemed to keep RHOA fans entertained. NeNe and her fights with Kim seem more estranged-sisterly than hatred but still fun to hear. NeNe's fights with Kandi were somewhat strange. One could say that NeNe was trying to help Kandi secure a spot for next season's drama but Kandi never quite took the bait. Love her or indifferent to her, should she stay or should she go?

Kim Zolciak

One cannot speak about Kim without thinking three things: Tardy For the Party, wigs and Big Papa. Only thing is, how long can she ride either of those waves? Every week the viewer can watch as Kim may get deliveries at her town-home for Chanel bags and custom made dresses while sipping on wine. Viewers even get to see the child antics of her two minor daughters who seem more like friends to their mother than actual dependents. Now that the media has been reporting that Lee Najjar is Big Papa and Kim hailed Big Papa as the person behind giving her an engagement ring (yes, Big Papa is married so not sure how one can be engaged to a married man), is there more storyline? Will we see Mrs. Big Mama have a confrontation with Kim next season?  Will we finally hear Kim tell her children that being with a married man is not ethical and should not be discussed with them - her children? Should she stay or go?

Sheree Whitfield

Sheree Whitfield has grown leaps and bounds over Season 1 of RHOA. The original few episodes of Season 1 was riddled with Sheree bragging about not keeping a budget and how things have to be her way. We were constantly reminded of her need and desire of a 7-figure settlement. However, this season (Season 2) of RHOA has awakened a humbler Sheree. We see Sheree folding her own laundry; making fun of herself in an alter ego portrait; and allowing herself to enlist the help of other professionals in her She by Sheree line. Sheree's fight with Kim and the party planner Anthony was all the rage of the first few episodes. It looked like Sheree was going to upstage NeNe in the "realness" category but alas the last few episodes reverted back to Sheree and her need to be a fashionista.  Will She by Sheree's storyline be enough to bring her back next season? Dating another athlete may help out her storyline or no? Should she go or should she stay?