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Which Olympic sport can you learn yourself and combine with camping?

Nepal's entrant in the 2014 Olympics celebrates completing the course
Nepal's entrant in the 2014 Olympics celebrates completing the course
Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Surprisingly, there are people this February who did not tune in to the Olympic coverage. After quizzing a few of them it was discovered that there are television viewers who cannot visualize themselves doing a 1,080 degree turn off of a half pipe or spinning to dizzy oblivion on the ice wearing incredibly beautiful sequined clothing. If they can't relate, they don't tune in. about cross country skiing? Everyone can do that. Visualize yourself huffing and puffing up a hill with skis on then sliding down a hill and hoping not to fall, then jogging in place with skis on along all the flat spots. Simple, elegant, and some would say fun.

Add to that an inspirational story about a man from Nepal and you've got everything you need to picture yourself here. Dachhiri Sherpa is 44 years old and just learned to cross country ski at age 33. He predicted he would come in last, but actually finished 2nd to last and the Gold Medal winner from Switzerland waited at the finish line to congratulate him and the last place finisher. Sherpa entered the race because he likes the Olympic spirit and wanted to be an example to the children of Nepal.

Inspired by him here at home you can either take a cross country class, see if anyone you know skis or rent some skis and find a spot to practice (not the "a" answer I suppose). Lessons may be found at Mt. Hood Meadows and Oregon Nordic Club Links.

Hardy folks may wish to camp on the way up at Camp Creek Campground on Hwy 26. It is available on a first come, first served basis until Memorial Day when reservations start up again for the summer. How lucky is that?