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Which is best - building churches or helping people?

Sometimes it is easy to write a column. You just re-write what was in a previous column. That’s the case today with another church with another edifice complex in addition to their Oedipus complex to their heavenly father.

The previous column was from November 8, 2010 and covered the plans of one church with an edifice complex to build more churches, add expensive technological facilities in their effort to sell the baby Jesus and raise and build “daughter” churches to spread the faith of fiction. As I said and in short, that church had and has an edifice complex.

This large church wanted parishioners to dip into their pocketbooks and purses to the tune of $14,200,000 over a two year period. I gently suggested to the powers that be that for all this money for smoke and mirrors they could do some real good in the world by supporting a worthwhile charity that works for the good of humanity.

I used as example Smile Train ( – 1-800-932-9541) or Operation Smile ( – 1-888-677-6453, 1-757-321-7645, 1-888-249-3797). I like these charities since it makes the math simple for columns like this.

For the sum of $240.00/$250.00, they can correct the cleft lip or palate of a child with trained volunteer doctors who make this possible throughout the world with these organizations.

That means that these children receive a life saving operation that makes them socially acceptable, that allows them to eat and breathe normally, that allows them a chance in life and one that their impoverished parents cannot afford.

With Operation Smile or Smile Train lots of good is possible. It means that for $1,000.00, they can correct four cleft lips and palates and that for $10,000,000.00 they can correct cleft lip/palate abnormalities of 40,000 children.

And guess what? That $10,000,000.00 figure is exactly the amount that this currently discussed church wants to raise for their edifice project.

In meetings with officials of this church, their answer is that they need to build more and larger to satisfy the need of so many in the community for fictional tales of religion (they are called sermons) each Sunday.

I suggested that they might want to get together with the Jewish community and have a jointly serving building and offices, since the Jewish Sabbath is on Saturday. Of course, that is too easy and the deed is already done for this fund raiser of $10,000,000.00 that will not help any children damaged with cleft lips or palates.

Now I have another idea for the Protestant churches of the world run by those with an edifice complex to boost their own feelings of self-importance.

How about copying the Catholics? My friends include a few general Catholics, very devout Catholics and one retired (as he described himself) Catholic. One friend goes to mass on Saturday afternoon so that he can sleep in on Sunday morning or take care of other necessary tasks.

Also, in some major metropolitan areas, some Catholic churches have a mass each morning so those interested can attend a weekly or daily mass and still get to work on time. Apparently, according to my Catholic friend, this non-Sunday attendance still counts with God who presumably runs a tally sheet.

For most churches, with the building and worship area already built and in place, this would be an easy way to serve more with the fables of religion while still soliciting funds that would do some real good for real people needing real operations in this real world.

Of course, that might be too difficult since the minister would have to work on another day or days of the week and might subtract from the sinecure that he currently enjoys. Laziness, slothfulness and indolence are evil sins! You would think that ministers would know this.

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