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Which Grammy styles were favorites?


Last night’s Grammy Awards offered us yet another chance to gawk at the beautiful people. And they didn’t disappoint. Some of my favorite looks were shockers for me! I couldn’t believe I even paid attention to what Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift were wearing much less liked it. But they did a great job pulling off young and sophisticated at the same time.

One of my favorites though was Sheryl Crowe. Don’t you just love her? She looked fabulous as usual and still hung on to her carefree easy style. If you have the length that Sheryl does, you can pull off this hair style with either a giant curling iron or massive hot rollers. Her stylist probably used the iron. I feel like a little pomade was used to add some separation and texture. Sheryl’s makeup was her normal natural glowing look but with a little more attention paid to the eyes. Her eyes popped with some black liner and a taupe shadow. It looked like she might have used a little liner on the water line on the bottom lid. Pairing the eyes with her usual natural peachy/pink blush and nude lips made a great effect.

Another celeb that stuck out for me was Leona Lewis. She always looks fierce but last night she stepped it up a notch. Like Sheryl Crowe, Leona’s stylist opted for a beautiful nude look on the lips and face to make the dramatic eyes stand out. She looks to have some faux lashes applied to the top lid and have a nice black liner along the water line of her bottom lid. There’s a light shadow in the corner and what looks to be a slight hint of either gray or metallic blue right around the liner area.  Beautiful!

All in all, last night’s festivities were amazing!  There were great performances and lots of surprises.  Hope you enjoyed the show and can't wait till September when we can discuss the MTV Awards.  (That's really when you see some action!)


  • Rob 6 years ago

    Leona Lewis always looks fab.....and she should have won a Grammy...SHE WAS ROBBED!!