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Which Gems suit Each Sign of the Zodiac

Since Ancient times, people have used gems to help them in all areas of life, from health to love, from financial prosperity to harvesting. You should take their example and create harmony in your life by using the jewels associated with your Zodiac sign.

Gems can influence your well-being, be it physically, spiritually, financially, or affectively, so it is in your advantage to know how to use them properly. Let’s take a brief look at each Sun sign and its characteristic gems.

Aries people are ambitious, passionate, and strong, the color red best representing this sign. Therefore, they should own rubies either under the form of bracelets or earrings.

It is recommended that Taurus individuals wear gems which have a yellow hue, because this is an Earth sign. They should wear topaz, agate, and amber set in copper or silver bracelets.

Geminis find themselves under the influence of purple stones, such as amethyst. Jewels based on a combination between silver and a purple precious gem can increase your self-confidence while contributing to your style as well.

People born under the Cancer sign should wear moonstones or emeralds. These gems can be set either in silver or in gold, together creating a powerful whole which perfectly matches the sensibility and emotional nature of the Cancer.

Leos are strong persons, both physically and psychologically. It comes as no surprise that fiery metals and “sunny” – yellow – gems are the perfect ones for them. Bracelets made out of copper and amber are some of the best accessories for this sign.

Given their fragile, gentle, and calm nature, Virgos should wear mostly jewels based on dark materials. For example, dark silver together with deep purple or black precious stones fit this Sun sign perfectly, balancing out its softness.

Libra people needs stones which give them energy, such as amber, topaz, and aquamarine. Combined with silver, all of these gems are bound to create the much-needed balance in the life of the Libra.

Powerful Scorpios can maintain their strong presence by using rubies and corals. Generally speaking, this Sun sign enjoys wearing silver, a metal that suits them perfectly.

Individuals born under the Sagittarius sign need more blue in their lives, reason why jewelry set with sapphires or blue topaz, like earrings or bracelets, will complement the personality and the character of any Sagittarian.

Capricorns are down-to-earth, a characteristic due to their element (Earth). They tend to be quite temperamental, so they should wear black pearls.

Since we have mentioned the color blue in the above paragraphs, we can’t leave out the Aquarians. They should wear jewels which comprise turquoise or sapphires, and which keep the design simple and pleasant.

As for Pisces people, they also benefit from wearing water-related colors. Blue stones set in silver or amethysts can help them tap into their unlimited inner power, thus discovering their true potential.

Each Sun sign has a set of traits characteristic to them. These are basic traits which influence our whole existence. By combining this knowledge with the appropriate gems, set in the right metals, we can discover a different dimension of ourselves, exciting and inspiring. You have to make sure that you are using the right stones for you, because each precious or semi-precious gem has its own properties.

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