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Which do you like better fresh flower arrangement or artificial floral design ?

While fresh flower arrangement is quite popular, there are many people who like artificial floral arrangement better than fresh flower decorations. From person to person the taste is different. The point is to what they give priority when evaluating arrangements. If they give priority to the life of arrangements, they most probably prefer artificial arrangements such as silk flowers and dried flowers.

unique fresh flower arrangement
California Flower Art Academy

However if they give priority to natural beauty of arrangements, most people must prefer Fresh Flower Arrangement to artificial decorations. As a matter of fact silk flowers can be used repeatedly only because they are not living. When it comes to fresh flower arrangements, they can live only 7 days or 10 days even if we keep supplying water.

Also in terms of maintenance while the arrangements are displayed, we need to keep water clean and the water must be supplied from time to time. In this sense, artificial flowers are much less troublesome and less time consuming for the maintenance.

California Flower Art Academy used to offer classes of silk flower arrangement and also dried flower designs until around the year 2000. However due to the limited demand in Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area, the lessons of such classes were terminated and at the moment, Fresh Flower Arrangement classes are mainly taught at the classroom.

Once in a while, prospective students inquire about the classes of artificial flower arrangements. If they want to learn silk flower arrangements and the type of such arrangements is not very complicated, special lesson is offered. Although artificial flowers have some demand, fresh flowers dominate the flower arranging industry seemingly because fresh flowers are much more beautiful and their natural freshness offers quite attractive atmosphere.

Most students who learn wedding flower arrangements are satisfied with decorations of fresh flowers. Although it is much more troublesome to handle fresh flowers that are perishable, many of designers feel like their efforts are paid off when flower decorations are completed and people and customers express their appreciation.

If you are interested in fresh flower arrangement or would like to earn practical skills of fresh flower decorations, California Flower Art Academy can help by way of hands on training of ONE ON ONE instructions. You can make a choice of your most favorite course among a WIDE RANGE OF PROGRAMS offered by California Flower Art Academy. You can start from Introductory Trial Budget Program for less than $100. For more information, feel free to contact

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