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Which crime is it: Relisha Rudd Washington DC child missing pieces, hotspots

Who is most likely to discover Relisha Rudd? Depends. Or does it?

At the risk of putting anyone at risk, the first people to look to are just who the FBI told the public to look to. Family, in any tier. Friends in any tier: intimate, longterm, close and remote... acquaintances. On to business associates, and workmates, church mates, clubs, memberships....

People who work in service industries, assuming she is out and about. That would be housekeepers, janitors, groundskeepers... people in the drive thru. Nosy neighbors who stay home, people who travel regular paths, and to which #RelishaRudd or her current captors are known.

Is Relisha the child of #Tatum, and is that part of why everyone was hands off as to where she was?

Is Relisha the child of a family member in the Tatum family?

Is Relisha Rudd sex trafficked, or sold in some adoptive process?

Kahlil Tatum has family in Atlanta, some said too in Virginia.

Where else might he have gone? Was it he, or this alleged nephew in the FB video taking her around?

Did Tatum kill his wife, or did someone else? Did Tatum kill himself or not?

It doesn't appear RelishaRudd was in Tatum's care when the wife shooting happened, but she was "signed out" to him, by the ...WHO... the Mom, Grammy or Auntie? Just because only some people were visible in a room that is accepted as the count of who is reportedly present?

Did Tatum get the bag, shovel and lime for his wife's body? Did someone send him on a fools errand and he bought materials that were to be used on him? Was Tatum the executive on an operation that involved #RelishaRudd ( and three other girls from the Shelter, but how many other girls city or statewide? any relatives?) and his death would ensure no interference when someone else got involved or took over?

Chopping up ppl and leaving them to be found is trendy...suspected in Mexican cartel actions here. But be aware that chopping up people and video taping them has a clientele too, and so has our heroine met her fate in a final or first video of sex and torture in a series? Because that is what some child porn is about, power and control and often pain and fear. Snuff films are not uncommon.

Chopping Mexican cartel here looked like this No mention of sex trafficking until fairly late in the game on Carina Saunders, and not confirmed in the other two females listed here who also died. Their families had zero comprehension of that being any day to day life question for their young ladies, all older adolescents. No solutions in these cases, and actually, the accused released and lead investigative STAFF for the police force released about 2 yrs after the episode of one is "over", as situation rendered useless for prosecution because of how it was handled, and/or missing evidence.

The biggest thing for the public who has chosen to search for #RELISHARUDD is that so many people have zero access to electronics. So no cell phone, maybe a tv and don't read the paper or read at all. The radio doesn't show pictures. This public is the public and anyone from high rollers to the homeless need the word about #RelishaRudd if anyone expects to find her. Everytime you speak her name, you increase the chances of someone else speaking her name and statistically that increased the chance of her being discovered.

Hand to hand contact, word of mouth contact. Show the picture, and post it on your residence door, on your car window, on your business OUTSIDE and INSIDE.

Find whatever your attachement is for a picture and PHONE NUMBER TO CALL TO REPORT HER. Hit up your email and phone list and send it. Send it to people you don't think would ever even have contact with DC and Atlanta, or kids even, worldwide, because somehow the magic of that loop OUT wraps back IN and therein comes the answer.

Community leaders and religious leaders do well to make exacting remarks, asking specifically that telling is the right thing.

Some religious leaders don't believe they should be involved in such, because it is not related to God or the Word, but it can be assured that as long as any door is open on child maltreatment, the perpetrators will call on that silence of leaders as their justifications. So will those they live in company with who procure children or know and do not tell of these habits. And those victimized who believe they deserve what happens to them because the community and religious leader indeed never said "no". and

Walk and talk for RelishaRudd, and the thousands of other children like her worldwide.

Seek and we shall find?

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