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Which church to attend

Where we attend church has everything to say about who we are, what we believe, and how we worship. It also may say what we believe about God leading us.

There are several churches in Albany to choose from, of course with the Lord's leading.

First, the church must be sound. The Bible says that we are to be led by sound doctrine and teaching. A Christian church that does not teach pure Christian principles is not of God. A preacher who questions the authority of the Bible should be avoided, as his flawed authority becomes the supreme rather than the Word of God.

A true Christian church will not preach a message of softness, compromising, liberal theology, or accepting questionable practices. The Bible outlines what they are and examples of flawed churches can be found in the first few chapters of Revelation.

Sometimes the way a church worships determines where one is comfortable worshiping. If layed back, a charismatic church where the congregates stand up and dance in the isles may not be the right mix for you. If you are the only one cheering and joyful for the Lord, perhaps a quiet church is not right for you.

There are enough churches in Albany having different purposes that will appeal to each person. According to where we are in our walk, we may want a strong nurturing church strong in doctrine. If we are a little more lively in our character, we may choose a fun-filled active church that allows joyful expression.

Sometimes God will place you in the church you need rather than one you want. A person having trouble with certain sins may be where God could provide exhortation or counsel. Maybe you will be placed in a place where someone needs your counsel.

Some churches in Albany provide a family oriented atmosphere. While others emphasize doctrine and order. Pray about where God would have you attend. Remember, there are no perfect churches. So don't excuse yourself until you find that perfect church. You may be left with no place to settle.


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