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Which Boot Camp Class?

Not surprisingly, boot camp classes abound. So much so, that it is really hard to actually define what today's typical boot camp class is. There are so many variations and methods of teaching that it would be wise to step back and figure out exactly what you want from a fitness class. If you have some preconceived ideas about what boot camp is, it would be a good idea to visit a class after investigating it.

Some important questions to ask are the following. Is the class taught by an experienced, nationally certified instructor? Is there a drill sergeant mentality to the class or does the instructor use other teaching methods with positive reinforcements? Is there an air of encouragement within the class? Does the class include all fitness levels? Is there an attitude of doing as much as you can in the fastest time possible without a healthy regards to safety?

There are other points to observe. In order to stay motivated, it is also proven that a variety of exercise tools and class designs are helpful. Exercising outdoors can bring the mental aspect of exercising up a notch. Also, be sure that the instructor watches and corrects, if necessary, everybody as they complete the exercises.

What about the class follow up? Is there availability of communication between the class participants and the instructor? Does the instructor try to motivate the class to exercise outside of the class itself?

Be sure to contact the class first to find out any information you may need to attend to limit any unexpected surprises. Most instructors will be glad to give you any information you may need. If you are in the Las Vegas area, you can contact J And D Fitness Group to find out more about their programs, particularly Sunday Boot Camp. Email

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