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Which Bathroom is the Right One?

Which Bathroom is the Right One?
Which Bathroom is the Right One?

I went to the soccer game in Buenos Aires. It was like being at a Broadway musical. The favorite team, the Boca Juniors were playing and the singing was stupendous. That is how they cheer the team, by singing and singing and singing.

Now, the team did not perform that well and yet they were cheered on till the very end.

No alcohol is allowed in the stadium and there is a definite rule against making nasty comments about the other team. That also goes for no negatives even when the home team misses the goal over and over.

Certainly not what I was used to as a kid going to games in Philadelphia where some pretty gruff words were said and the shouting was often pretty down and mean.

However, the highlight of my time at the Boca Stadium was when I needed to get to a bathroom and all I saw were signs that said “Caballeros.”

Now, my Spanish is pretty limited and yet I know this means “gentlemen.” Yet nowhere was there a sign “Damas” or “Senora” or “Senorita.”

Believe me I asked and asked. Finally a guard pointed and said, “OK, OK” and gently shoved me into a room with lots of closed stalls and lots of urinals. Well, I decided to be gutsy. No one was in there, they were all cheering and singing for the Boca Juniors.

And so I went.

As I walked out a kindly “Caballero” did a double take and I smiled and said, “OK, OK” and pointed for him to go in.

He smiled. I smiled. Back at our seats I asked our English speaking guide the best definition of caballero and his comment was, “To many it means ‘a Knight’.”

On the way out I looked for the ladies room and never saw one. Guess they just don’t expect too many gals at the soccer games. And as Shakespeare would say, “All’s well that ends well.”

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