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Where would you travel to if you won this weeks estimated $400 Million Powerball

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With no winner on Saturday night, this Wednesday's Powerball Jackpot is estimated to be $400 million dollars! Just think of all the places you could travel if you won this jackpot. You could fly first class or on a private jet to just about any place you've always wanted to see.

Powerball ticket sales are sure to be brisk over the next few days leading up to Wednesday's drawing. Since they changed the tickets for the Powerball, including starting the jackpots at $40 million, winning jackpots have steadily grown to amounts that can make any dream come true for the winner.

The second largest jackpot in U.S. lottery history was won in December of 2013 with a jackpot of $636 million dollars and ended with two winners, one in California and one in Georgia. Although the approximate odds are 1 in 175 million of hitting the jackpot, that doesn't stop ticket sales from skyrocketing when the jackpot is this large.

Powerball is played in 43 states along with the U.S. Virgin Islands and Washington D.C. Lines will likely be long as Wednesday draws closer so you might want to think about buying your tickets now. If you win and choose the cash option, you will end up with approximately $227.8 million.