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Where will you be 12ing?

The movement of the 12th Man has taken the sports world by storm and people can be found 12ing all over the world. As the big game of the football season, between the Seahawks and the 49ers, draws near many people worldwide are making big plans to watch the game either on TV or at Centurylink in person. So the question to you is, where will you be 12ing?

Where will you be 12ing?
Heather Marseillan

All across the Puget Sound, the entire Pacific Northwest and all around the world you will find football fans planning game viewing parties in their homes, restaurants, bars and other such venues. You can find 12th Man flags flying just about everywhere and everyone knows who the Seahawks are and at least a bit of the ongoing rivalry between the Seahawks and the 49ers. This Sunday’s game is sure to be a show stopper as both teams are talented and their match up on their roads to the Superbowl is going to incredible. Every member of the 12th Man is excited and preparing for game day.

Over the last few years the Seahawks have really improved their game and football in Seattle has become a superpower during the season. Everywhere you turn there are Seahawks items for sale and being warn. The bright Seahawk blue and green can be seen just about every place you look as well as the 12th Man flags and other such Seahawk related items.

No matter where you go to 12 and watch the game this weekend please make sure to be responsible and have a good time 12ing with your friends and family.

Not sure what 12ing is?

According to the Urban Dictionary 12ing is “Verb- Act of showing support for the Seattle Seahawks by proudly sporting jersey's and other gear, and by displaying #12th man flags. 12ing should be done as often as possible if not all the time. If you see a fellow 12th man or woman 12ing, yell "SEA-HAWWWWKS!!!!" to show your pride. Post pictures of yourself 12ing whenever you can! GO HAWKS!”

Similarly Volume 12 defines a 12 as “12′s are not an endangered species. They live all around the world. They can often be found driving down freeways, working in offices and running on playgrounds. While it is easy for them to blend in most of the time, they will occasionally wear symbolic items of apparel so other 12s can recognize them. This is called 12ing. 12s are notorious for their excessive joy and emitting loud noises when viewing great deeds of strength, speed and knowledge. It is not unusual to find 12s gathered together emitting this noise and throwing their arms in the air. This is also part of 12ing. Some 12s will actually place permanent bird head markings on their bodies. This is known as extreme 12ing. However, extreme 12ing can also consist of consuming food and drink together with other 12s, wearing extreme amounts of blue and green, the symbolic painting of faces, or waving a blue and white flag which appears to incite the greatest amount of noise and arm waving. Despite all the noise, 12s appear to have a strong herding instinct and total acceptance of new 12s. This acceptance transcends location and language. 12s can recognize other 12s as far away as they can see them. It is not uncommon to see newly introduced 12s hugging each other and making the 12 noise. This is considered one of the finest qualities of the 12… total joy and acceptance.”

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