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What an interesting subject. As our lives change and the boomers age how we will co-exist in the future? I looked at several design firms throughout our country that addressed these pressing questions.

According to todays statistics there are over 5 million generational families today in the United States. This is not a new idea since grandparents have been living with their older children and grandchildren for many decades. What is new and fascinating is the idea of multi-generational homes.

Four different design firms shared their ideas as the perfect solution for the multi-generational twenty-first century home.

Let me speak about Williamson Chong's idea about, "The Grange Tripe Double multigenerational home.

This housing project consist of the blending of two households initially with the younger couple co-existing with their older parents. Together they create a new living unit which consists of a ground floor, basement rental units where the parents take one apartment and the rest are used as positive rental income. They possess an open floor plan that makes it easy to share space and move easily from room to room.

The younger child ages and then is able to move into the basement rental where they have extreme privacy, and then as their parents age they can move to another rental while the child takes the upstairs with their new family.



This design firm from Massachusetts sets out to create personal space, to maintain purpose, to create an atmosphere of activity for all ages, and to also create round the clock norms for folks working out of the country and totally immersed with the internet.

Communal kitchens create hobbies for the boomers to garden and savings for the children to eat from their own garden.

Composting educates the grandchildren as to the importance of Green Living and the joy of producing for all.

Offices spaces are also incorporated into this theme where rent can be gotten at a lesser price and the owners create a win-win situation.

Day Care facilities are in the space which covers the rentals the owners and the adjacent communities. communities.


Jonsar Ruth is the founding director of the MFA Interior Design Program at Parsons The New School of Design.

His idea is called, "The Civilizing Space.

This revolves around a generational kitchen where parents can bring their treasured pots and pans past down from generation to generation and share them with the children and grandchildren.

The dining table acts as a central focal point, where people connect, talk and share their ides.

Memories and associations are created here. Each generation gets a change to feel the other generation wisdom and ideas.

This is where life, culture and memories come together.


A movable feast was created by a New York Design firm named CREME.

Their philosophy is to create two separate living spaces adjacent, but independent. Their goal is flexibility and they do that by movable partitions that can create and recreate rooms at will.

These completely separate spaces at your whim and can also divide kitchen and dining areas as needed.

They work on area that need to be private and areas that do not.

Families are then given the choice as to how to use the partition walls. This creates a wonderful flexibility for all generations.

As you can see just by these few examples much thought is put into the Greening of America. And this is just the beginning.

As always Keep our Environments Safe and Sane.


Eileen Gould


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