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Where to watch the Super Bowl if you've cut the satellite or cable TV cord

Even if you depend on Internet streaming for your TV viewing pleasure, you can still find places to enjoy the big game.
Even if you depend on Internet streaming for your TV viewing pleasure, you can still find places to enjoy the big game.
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One of the pitfalls of cutting the cable or satellite cord is the limited options for watching live sporting events, including NFL football games.

Internet TV devices such as Roku offer a tremendous bargain compared to pay television providers, which tend to cost $50 to $100 per month or more when adding the cost of programming and per room fees, along with charges for equipment rental, HD programming and DVR service.

Sports fans might have some trouble giving up the variety of sports channels available from pay TV services like DirecTV, Dish Network and Time Warner. However, even folks who don't watch a lot of football often want to tune in to the Super Bowl. If you've canceled your pay TV subscription, here are some ways you can still watch the big game.

Over the air is the most obvious solution, though many cable cutters don't bother to buy antennas, either forgoing broadcast television entirely or watching their favorite shows on Hulu Plus. Unfortunately, watching over the air channels isn't as easy as snapping on a pair of rabbit ears anymore if you don't have a fairly recent TV set. For an older, non-digital television, you'll need a converter box, costing in the neighborhood of $50, in addition to the price of an antenna, which runs at least $15 or $20.

You can also watch the Super Bowl online this year. Fox Sports will have the game available for live streaming on their Web site and their iPhone/iPad apps. For other playoff games, Fox Sports required using their mobile streaming site, which only works in tandem with a pay TV subscription.

You can watch the big game on your mobile device if you have Verizon Wireless and fork over $5 a month for their NFL service.

You could re-cable yourself, without the cable box or installation, if you're not averse to spending a few extra dollars a month to reconnect with broadcast networks and some of your favorite cable channels. Time Warner Cable now has the TWC TV app for Apple iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Roku, Xbox 360 and Amazon Kindle Fire HD/HDX, meaning you can purchase a low-end cable subscription for as little as $40 a month if you don't rent a cable box or subscribe to any extras. Before signing up, make sure TWC TV streams local broadcast stations in your area, and verify that you can cancel the service if you're not satisfied.

Some restaurants and bars might offer Super Bowl viewing on big screen TVs, but such opportunities have become less common over the years. Several years ago, the NFL started coming down on businesses for trademark infringement if they use the term Super Bowl in advertising. In addition, they've sued organizations that showed the big game on screens larger than 55 inches or stepped into other technical violations of copyright law, such as showing the game on more than one screen per room or charging to see the event, even for a charitable cause.

You can read information on watching the Super Bowl in 2015 here.

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