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Where to teach empathy and caring

Americans are coming of age in the world of having pets and caring for them. We are starting to treat some pets as children, dressing them, beautifying them, taking them everywhere with us and in some cases leaving them as estate. Where does all this stop? Certainly we love our pets and due to urbanization some of the pet related business is very good. Kennels and Day Cares are a great alternative to leaving a new puppy or very active dog home all day while we are at work. (Check out the discount coupons for pet care at www.citydog/

We love our pets at least most of us do, and we have taken a social conscious when it comes to the treatment of pets and small animals. It is good that we recognize the inhumane treatment of pets and put a stop to that at the cost of tens of thousands of dollars, however wouldn’t it be more prudent to teach empathy and passion within the community. We have after school programs which in some cases having homework help, however mostly it is a glorified day care. Wouldn’t it be great if places like the Boys and Girls Clubs as well as the ‘Y’ had programs which taught empathy? Nothing mandatory which might seem like learning, however, children are often pulled toward animals and teaching them empathy for animals which have an injury or a birth challenge is a great way to 1) teach animal husbandry and 2) allow them to get to see all the work and love which having a pet means. There is no need to believe this will cost much money, if the connection could be made between a local shelter and the associations within the community, well it can happen. Contact the Humane Society and the local associations in the area to begin a project like this.

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