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Where to sell your cards

Every gamer eventually arrives at the same problem. Piles of cards they don’t need. All too often a closet becomes filled with boxes and binders filled with these cards that need a new home.

For those who are willing, or even desperate, to get these cards into someone else’s hands there are a few places willing to give your cards a new home. On the web three good options are Troll and Toad, Strikezone, and Gamingetc. All three sites have buylists for almost all of the collectible games out there. They also offer a flat bulk rate for cards that are not listed individually.

Locally ABU games is a great place to get rid of your surplus Magic; the Gathering cards. ABU’s buylist is available online as well as in the retail store. Computers are set up at one end of the sales counter for customers to set up their list of cards. When you are finished write down the order number and take it to the counter with your cards for your cash or store credit. At this time ABU only purchases Magic cards.
Whichever path you choose to unload your extras will provide a streamlined, professional service, a little extra money, and some extra space in your closet for the cards from the next expansion.


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