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Where to meet local singles


Allison, our “formerly single gal pal,” lets us in on her little secret as to how she found Mr. Right.

Allison and Michael have been dating for approximately six months. Their first date was actually on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is possibly one of the loneliest days of the year, so how inspirational is it that these two single individuals took a leap of faith and sought out love on the day of love?

After half a year of dating, Allison and Michael admit that they love being together because not only do they make each other laugh constantly, but they encourage one another.

Can you guess where these two young lovebirds met? Do you think they met at a bar? Would you think they met through friends? Or would you venture to guess that they met through an online dating website? If you guessed online, then you would be correct! These two met through

Allison’s aunt actually signed her up on in December. This was a few months after she had broken up with her ex-boyfriend and decided that she was ready to date again. Her aunt and several family members created a quite hilarious, yet quirky profile for Allison, and she decided to give it a chance.

According to Michael, he signed up through Match in order to see what was out there.

I work at a small company, so it’s not like I could meet anyone at work. I wasn’t going to pick anyone up in a bar.” I had stigmas about it at first, but I think I much rather say that I met someone online than say, ‘She was wasted and I took her home."

After both of them went on a few dates matched through, they found each other after just a few months of using this website.

What instantly attracted Allison and Michael to one another online? They both had a ton of common interests. For instance, they are both huge Astros fans, they love Dave Matthews Band, and they enjoy a lot of the same movies. Common interests sound like a good platform for a good friendship and relationship.

On their first date, on Valentine’s Day, they made a last minute decision to grab drinks in The Woodlands. After a few drinks at Goose’s Acre off of the waterway, they moseyed along to grab a few more libations at Baker Street Pub. Having spent several weeks communicating online and over the phone, they already felt a strong connection. They didn’t have to struggle with the awkward conversations or silence that so commonly plague first dates. They both had a strong sense of who the other person was, so they were able to express themselves more freely. Fortunately, Allison thought that Michael was absolutely adorable. They both stated that it was simple; it was easy; it was cool and natural.
Michael & Allison
According to these former users, there are several reasons that most people resort to online dating websites.

1) Purely to find a physical relationship. Allison actually went on a date with one guy who made it quite apparent what he wanted from her, and it wasn’t her friendship.
2) To seek out friendship.
3) To form a relationship with someone. Michael explained dating online is nice, because you can talk a little bit first and see if there is a spark via email or over the phone.

Since we single adults are no longer in school or social settings that naturally create potential dating scenarios, it becomes exceedingly difficult the older we get to meet people. So, where can adult singles meet nowadays?

Here are a few good and bad suggestions:

At a gym. Guys, however, think it is kind of weird to pick up girls in a gym, because most of the time they have on headphones. This makes them unapproachable. Hint: Baseball hats say, “don’t mess with me”.
Bars . Allison states, “Don’t plan your entire night to try and meet someone at a bar. Guys and girls probably just go to hook up, so they’re not looking for a relationship.”
Through friends
At work. This can be tricky, because you never want to create bad-blood between you and your co-workers. Approach work relationships with caution.
Local events (i.e., White Linen Night in the Heights, Free Press Summer Fest, Houston International Jazz Festival and Bingo)
Online dating websites. This obviously worked for Allison and Michael!

Want to learn more about online dating websites, but you aren’t sure where to start? Check out these sits to learn more:

- Zoosk
- Eight Friends Out - Presenting "Sultry, Summer Social" on Friday, August 13th from 6 to 9 PM at The Alden Hotel.  Check it out!
- It’s Just Lunch Houston
- Events and Adventures - Warning:  Although Events and Adventures is more fun than you could ever imagine, please note that it is somewhat pricey. 
- Houston Single Source
- Yenta Girl
- After Hours Network
- Eight Minute Dating
- and there is much, much more…

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