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Where to look for That One Style

Monique Lhuillier cocktail dress in emerald

It is time to really get into shopping for the late summer and preparing for fall. I think we all should go for a more favorable look this half the year so we feel like our hard work is always paying off. For many, the early year was filled with tall boots and cuter coats and this summer's fashion has not fully bloomed yet. As for me, the fashion wheels have been spinning and I can't wait to let loose my style when it is time.

As a good measure, don't wear it unless you got it at the department store you really like. Number two, once you shop a department store a lot, it's time to find a perfect substitute for that store as another department store or a few. Now you have a few good stores to spend a good amount in.

Next, look to the internet. If you haven't already bought jewelry at a regular store, get an idea of some statement jewels that you have always wanted and invest in it on the fashion jewelry end and plan for some splurges.

Ooh, Saks Fifth Avenue. Time to get your credit cards out and look for some outfits and new bags for money-making. Top-end department stores shop by themselves if you get there the right way. If you can afford a few thousand a month, you've got it fine and good for enough to live like you've got the job you want for now.

Don't forget mid-price purses and jewelry; or clothes at any regular store, Abercrombie & Fitch, or American Eagle. Faux purses cost the money you put into them so don't think they won't look expensive enough for your look.

The ladies' clothes market is more than a little shabby and no wonder people aren't as stylish as they'd like -- push the buying threshold up and the designers will send back better designs. If I have you really interested, time for a big raise or new job to pay for a more fun life. Good luck!

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