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Where to hike on hot days in Los Angeles

Santa Monica Bay from Rivas Canyon Trail
Santa Monica Bay from Rivas Canyon Trail
Seth Smigelski

Hiking is a year-round activity in Los Angeles, but when the summer heats up, some Trails become less enjoyable than others. Steep sun-exposed trails can be brutal, while hikes with shade and coastal breezes become even more enjoyable. Keep your cool exploring this selection of trails in Los Angeles.

  • Solstice Canyon Trail is short and level, benefiting from coastal closeness and partial shade.
  • Corral Canyon Trail might not be shaded, but usually fans hikers with sea breezes. You’ll be a fan of the views too.
  • Hondo Canyon Trail has plenty of shade, which will keep you from overheating as you hike up the side of the canyon near Topanga.
  • Rivas Canyon Trail connects Temescal Gateway Park with Will Rogers State Park and delivers a good amount of shade along the way.
  • Sullivan Canyon Trail is gradual with tall sycamores lining the trail.
  • Santa Anita Canyon Loop in the San Gabriel Mountains has plenty of shade, and even if Sturtevant Falls isn’t gushing, it is still a nice hike.

No matter what trails you end up exploring, try to hike in the morning when it is cooler if you can, and bring plenty of water.


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