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Where to go: Denver bars this weekend (8/7)


So, another weekend is upon us, and where will the party be at? I will cast my vote to stay in one central location, and two bars that are on top of each other provide all the entertainment I need for the night. 

First, I'll hit up Sing Sing, because who couldn't use some musical entertainment with their beer? The dueling pianists sing, play, and tell jokes all night long while the very talented bartenders spin out drinks for the thirsty masses. 

Next up, I'll walk outside the front door from Sing Sing, and up the stairs to Fado Irish Pub. This great little place is perfect to finish off the evening with a pint. 

Also, don't forget to check out my joke of the week to share with your friends. 


  • Bob 5 years ago

    Hey Colin,
    Dig the bar blog! Question for ya though: I'm applying to be the Denver Coffee Shop Examiner, but I've heard mixed reviews on whether or not its a scam... Do you actually make any money? is it worth the time? Some words of guidance would be appreciated!