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Where to get a grass-fed beef hamburger in Las Vegas

Grass-fed burgers and some epic fries at Elevation Burger.
Grass-fed burgers and some epic fries at Elevation Burger.
photo by BlueberryFiles, on Flickr

In Las Vegas, a hamburger made with grass-fed beef can be a delicious treat that saves wise eaters from the health pitfalls of the standard greasy slider, and many people prefer the flavor to that of corn-fed beef.

The health benefits of consuming grass-fed beef, like the lower fat, higher omega-3 nutrients, are a hot topic among the nutrition-savvy in Las Vegas. Though grass-fed beef is just making its way into the Las Vegas hamburger scene, existing burger joints in town offer a hearty selection grass-fed beef hamburgers for the discerning burger lover.

Elevation Burger

A popular newcomer to the Las Vegas area, Elevation Burger is a burger shop that is known for its high-quality ingredients, which among other things include 100% organic, grass-fed beef certified by the USDA. The ingredient-centric burger joint has been hailed by many for its quality of food, including Las Vegas local celebrity food critic John Curtas, who called the fries "(expletive) fantastic."

Elevation Burger is located at 5130 S. Fort Apache Road, toward the southwest end of the Las Vegas metropolitan area.

The Barrymore

The lunch menu at The Barrymore includes two grass-fed beef burger choices -- the Barrymore Classic Burger and the Steakhouse burger.

The Barrymore is located at 99 Convention Center Dr. in Las Vegas, just a short distance from Las Vegas Boulevard and the Convention Center.

Bachi Burger

This restaurant offers standout burgers made from a varied selection of high-end, name-brand beef, including a few kinds made with grass-fed beef. Bachi Burger has two locations in Las Vegas, one on the southern end of town at 470 E. Windmill Lane, and the other in Summerlin, near the Sahara West library, at 9410 W. Sahara Ave., Suite #150.


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