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Where to find Valentine's Day vegan cakes and candies

Valentine's Day is a time for people to celebrate their love for one another and that is often expressed with cards, flowers, and sweets. Most sweets, though luscious to the palate, are not great for the body. However, many recipes have been, meticulously, adapted and developed into more healthful versions without sacrificing taste. You can always pick up the first box of candy on the shelf at the corner drug store but if you're looking for Valentine's Day confections that show you put some real love into your choice, consider trying out these delectable vegan treats.

Rescue Chocolates offers a selection of fully vegan candies with the added benefit of donating 100% of the net profits to animal rescue organizations around the country. Their dark chocolate hearts filled with zingy raspberry ganache are sure to be a hit with animal lovers.

Houston's Sinfull Bakery is, according to their website, a vegan bakery that offers quality baked goods, made from scratch, with all natural and mostly organic ingredients. Choose from pies, cookies, sweet rolls, mini sweet loaves, and more. Their strawberry-topped cupcakes would make a great Valentine's Day gift. Sinfull Bakery asks for a 48 hour time allowance on orders.

Jodycakes, right here in Houston, specializes in beautiful vegan, gluten-free, and organic cakes. She is offering special 6" individualized cakes and cupcakes for Valentine's Day celebrations. Jody gets lots of orders and they take time to create, so she asks that you order at least a week ahead.

Or you may want to consider ordering something delicious from Allison's Gourmet. Customers can choose from more than a dozen vegan chocolates. Perhaps Valentine's Day favorites are her pink foil-wrapped raspberry-kissed chocolate hearts and the artisan chocolate assortment which includes a variety of truffles and caramels. Allison's Gourmet also offers vegan cookies and brownies as well as coffee, tea and cocoa. Vegan gift sets can be elegantly boxed and tied with lavender ribbon.

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