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Where to find the best parts, know how, all for a great price.

People in Columbus keep cars for a long time, just drive around you see a lot more older model cars or used cars with 30 day tags than in most cities. When buying a used vehicle the parts needed to repair it are often not made anymore buy the manufacturers. Junk yards are honestly the best places to find the parts you need for cheap. Junk yards are also a great waty to discover how to remove and install the new parts.

My favorite junk yard in town has to be Wirthman Brothers on the east side of town. It’s a classic yard that has been around for years and is wonderful place to experience. A fully stocked yard with a lot of everything, and a staff that knows where the cars are and what parts you could use. The prices match the parts you can not beat them.

Second on the short list is the nationally supported Pick and Pull, by far the cleanest yard I have ever been in. also a well stocked lot that you can check online before going to out to the yard on the south side of Columbus. They often have half sales or discount certain types of parts. And they offer lists of cars that you can pull the same part from that may not be your car.

If you don’t feel like going junk yard hunting, there are several auto parts stores in Columbus that stand out from the rest. This may sound weird to most people but the stores in opulent areas may not be the best places to go. The stores in the run down and or middle class areas will have different experiences. The salesman will have seen the problem in your car already and can suggest a cheaper solution.

Of all the stores ive been into the best store would have to be the Orielly auto parts on Roberts Road in Hilliard. I have personally funded several employees retirements plans with all the parts ive bought. They have the best part knowledge in Columbus that I have seen and their customer service is second to none.

For sheer amount of parts I would go to the Napa on 161 just east of sawmill road. A huge auto parts store with tons of tools connected to an even larger distribution warehouse with an even greater tonnage of parts. 


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