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Where To Find Over 350 Free Project Management Podcasts


Did you know that there are over 350 project management podcast episodes available for anyone interested in the concepts and methodology of managing projects absolutely free?

You may have stumbled on other sites asking you to pay for access to podcasts. Now you don’t have to. There are a total of over 60 hours of prerecorded podcasts nestled in the links below.

They cover a variety of project management topics to help you grow in your career as project manager or teach what project management entails should you decide to switch careers. Each of these sites posts new podcasts on a regular basis, so you can return to them over and over again for more project management knowledge.

You can listen to them if you are preparing for the PMP exam, refreshing your project management skills, or wanting to learn a new career. As always, please share these with your colleagues to help them grow their project management knowledge as well.

1) The PMO Podcasts – 200 free podcasts
This site contains a weekly program on informative, and valuable podcasts for today's Project Management Offices. Great insights into what your PMO should be doing to improve your organization’s project management processes.

2) Controlling Chaos Podcasts - 38 free podcasts
This site contains podcasts that cover the highlights of popular project management methodologies and how best to apply them. It also covers topics on leadership, reviews of useful project management books, and valuable interviews with successful project managers.

3) The Project Leadership Podcasts - 27 free podcasts
This site contains podcasts on project leadership. Through interviews with industry leaders, reviews and Project Management specific information, these podcast will increase the quality of your Project Management knowledge and abilities.

4) The ShawPM Podcasts - 22 free podcasts
This site contains podcasts developed to help you become a more effective PM. Topics covered include project management tips, tools and techniques, project leadership goals and project management processes.

5) The PM411 Podcasts - Over 60 free podcasts
This site offers podcasts that also help you earn free PDUs. Topics cover wide variety of project management fields.

Do you know of other sites that contain free project management podcasts? If so, please post them in the comment section below.

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  • Paul Naybour 5 years ago

    We also have free podcasts covering the APM Body of Knowledge on iTunes, just search for APM Project Management

  • Samad Aidane 4 years ago

    I would like to invite you to our Guerrilla Project Management podcast. Among the many podcasts we have done, you will find 3 interviews we did recently with leading project management authors: Neal Whitten, Doug DeCarlo, and Rick Morris.

    Recently, we just posted the first in a series of interviews with speakers at this year’s PMI Global Congress in Washington DC. Many more are being edited and will be posted shortly.

    We are on ITune. Just search for Guerrilla Project Management.

    We cover all important topics for project managers including soft skills (politics, conflict, and influence among others), Change Management, Agile in system integration projects, global system rollouts, recovering projects…

    We give the opportunity to new voices and emerging influencers in project management thought leadership. Our focus is on real practical advice from real project managers who are in the trenches leading projects day in and day out.

    Sometimes unconventional but never academic or theoretical.

    Here are links to the interviews mentioned above:

    Neal Whitten:

    Doug DeCarlo:

    Rick Morris:


    Samad Aidane

  • Pam Stanton 4 years ago

    Hello! I'd like to let you know about my monthly webTV show "PDU For Lunch" where I host fascinating thought leaders from the world of project management. Folks can attend live and interact with us, or watch the recordings, and earn a free PDU. We have a great time and stay on the cutting edge of the PM world. To receive updates of the broadcast schedule, click here:

    Thanks so much for the post!
    Pam Stanton, The Project Whisperer

  • Andy Kaufman, PMP 4 years ago

    Great post! There are so many helpful resources available for project managers. I invite you to check out our <em>People and Projects Podcast</em>, which includes interviews and insights to help you deliver projects and lead teams. You can find us on the web at or on iTunes at

    Thanks again for the helpful post!
    Andy Kaufman, PMP
    Host of The People and Projects Podcast

  • Cornelius Fichtner 1 year ago

    You forgot "the original", which is simply called The Project Management Podcast and was started in 2005. We currently have over 200 free episodes available at

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