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Where to find local gaming groups

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Meetup is a great site to find people with the same hobbies as yourself. This is true even for gamers. The Southwestern Ohio Gathering of Gamers meetup group was created for like-minded gamers to get together to play games, discuss gaming, and find groups looking for players or help those who want to start up a game find players to create one. Unfortunately Dayton currently does not have a meetup group for this purpose but those who live in Dayton can go to the group this Sunday, March 20th, in Milford, OH.

The group is mostly about tabletop gaming, including Dungeons and Dragons. They meet every third Sunday of the month at Eastside Games N Cards. Currently there are three tables available for this month’s meeting. These three tables will have different games being played at them; Exalted, Traveller, and Star Wars Saga Edition. Traveller and Star Wars are space games while Exalted is a fantasy game so there is something for fans of both genres.

The group actually has had to expand to the three tables due to the popularity of it. They have been around since 2006 so this is not a group that will have meetings for a short time and then disappear so if you’re looking for a place to play and find other people you want to have fun with, The Southwestern Ohio Gathering of Gamers meetup is the place to go.