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Where to find free printable America coloring pages

American Flag
American Flag
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Whether your kids are looking for free printable America coloring pages for a fun activity to do or need the America coloring pages for a required school project, there is a substantial amount of coloring sheets offered on the websites highlighted here.

Not only are America coloring pages fun to do but they are also a great way to learn about the country in a creative and hands-on way.

Here you will find 5 websites that offer free printable America coloring pages, there are lots of choices and varieties so be sure to print off a stack to have on hand in case a dose of creativity is needed or a project for school needs to be completed.

American symbols coloring pages

There is a good selection of free printable America coloring pages offered at the website, many American symbols are represented. The free printable America coloring sheets offered are: American flag, Statue of Liberty, map of America, American flag and eagle, Liberty Bell, God Bless America, United We Stand and a whimsical caricature with a flag.

Free printable American coloring pages

This is one of my favorite websites for free printable America coloring pages, there is a huge selection and with fantastic variety. Examples of the American categories are: American buildings, American documents, American landmarks and symbols, American legends, American military, Americans, American slogans, American states and American state birds and flowers.

Symbols of America

Here you will find a really nice selection of free printable America coloring pages that represent symbols of America. Examples of the American symbols are: American flag, star, eagle, Liberty Bell, Patriotic Boy, Statue of Liberty, Uncle Sam, Washington Monument plus much more.

Patriotic coloring pages

This website has some really nice patriotic America coloring pages, the images offered on this site are a little different from what I have viewed on other websites. If you are looking for something a little different, be sure to check out this website and you will find some fun and interesting America coloring pages.

Free printable U.S history coloring pages

The free printable coloring sheets offered on this site would be excellent for a school report, the America coloring pages are more historical in nature. You will find images such as: Ben Franklin with a kite, Totem Pole carving, Liberty Bell, Martin Luther King Jr., Daniel Boone, Capitol, Uncle Sam and many more outstanding historical coloring pages.

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