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Where to find fitness equipment in Bend!

Left to right, Don and Keith
Left to right, Don and Keith

For those of you out there that are currently exercising or that want to start, fitness equipment will be a much needed asset in your future.  The question is; how do you know what to buy and where to buy it from?  One recommendation is to purchase your equipment from someone that knows what they’re doing.

Mt. Bachelor Fitness Shop
Katrina Curry

One such place is Mt. Bachelor Fitness Equipment in Bend, Oregon located at 1227 NW Galveston.  Keith Beutler, the owner of Mt. Bachelor Fitness Equipment knows what he’s talking about when you go into his store shopping for equipment.  He graduated in Portland studying Exercise and is also a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  However, with the credentials aside, he’s a down to earth guy that just wants to help people be healthier.  He’s been in business for 23 years, starting in retail and owning a bike shop and soon after opened Mt. Bachelor Fitness Equipment.  He sells everything from complete home gyms to piece equipment.  While his equipment might be a little more than a Costco treadmill, you also can be assured that you will not be using his equipment as a clothing rack in your living room.  In purchasing equipment from Keith, you’ll get the personal service that one expects from a real customer-oriented business owner.  Don, Keith’s service guy, will come out to your home and set up your equipment for you.  No more hard to understand instructions that you’ll get from that clothing rack purchased at Costco.  Not only that, but your equipment comes with a warranty so anytime something goes wrong, call the guys at Mt. Bachelor Fitness Equipment, and voila, they’ll come service it for you!

Keith and Don also provide equipment for business owners such as Bend High School, homeowners associations, hotels and motels and anyone that just wants a fitness center for their clientele.  Some clients that they provide equipment for besides Bend High School as mentioned above are Mavericks in Sunriver, Aspen Lakes and The Pines to just name a few.  The name brands that they provide at Mt. Bachelor Fitness Equipment are Diamondback, True, Precor, Hoist and many more.  With these major manufacturers of the best exercise equipment for light commercial use, you can’t purchase this equipment online either, so you’re supporting your local business owner while on your track to being healthy!  For those that want to save a little money, Keith also offers consignment equipment which you can purchase for 50%-60% off.  One such piece is an elliptical trainer which is basically brand new, and it’s only $3,900.00 versus $8,000.00 brand new!

Another great thing about Mt. Bachelor Fitness Equipment is even if you’re a beginner and you’re not sure what you need to start out, Keith will do a one on one with you to assess your current health by doing a fat test, some strength testing among other tests.  He’ll also want to know what your fitness goals are and help you along the way with strength training, flexibility, nutrition and cardiovascular health.  If you want to set up a training session with him, it’s only $60.00 per session or set it up for however many sessions you might need.  If you just want to know how to use the equipment, he’ll show you that as well. That’s something you definitely can’t get from the corporate fitness suppliers and unfortunately, many of you may have already experienced that.

So, check out Keith Beutler at Mt. Bachelor Fitness Equipment and you will definitely walk away feeling much more knowledgeable about what you need and want!  You can also visit his website for more information or give him a call at 541-382-4000.

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