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Where to find cute guys in New York City

In the first movie of the Sex & The City sequel, (The Village Voice just confirmed the second premieres May 28, 2010!), Ms. Carrie Bradshaw herself makes a statement about the modern day woman moving to New York City.“ Women come to New York for the two L's: Labels and Love,” she says.
Chances are the average female Manhattanite knows where to find a good sample sale, but does she know where to find a quality man? The most important decision a woman can make may be her choice of mate. Relationships, even more so than careers, have the potential to add to or diminish our happiness like nothing else. If you are young, brainy, and beautiful, with the desire to search for more than Manolo Blahnoics, you can find the boys here:
1. This site provides an overabundance of young, New York professionals. These days, you don’t even have to be Jewish to snag “a nice Jewish doctor”.
2.     Meet the Matchmakers- Don’t go assuming your membership is free just because you look like a model. However, many matchmaking companies send ladies on dates for free or considerably lower fees. Some to consider: Master Matchmakers, Model Quality Introductions, VIP Life, Amy & Laurent International, Kelleher& Associates, and of course, Janis Spindel.
3.     Sports bars- A true gem. Just stay clear of Murray Hill if you are looking for more of a post-college crowd.
4.     Museums- They aren’t just for tourists! Cute, artsy locals are easy to meet at the events at the Guggenheim that cater to singles or over wine & cheese on Friday nights at the MoMa.
5.     Health clubs- Equinoix and NYSC have many locations filled with fit, dateable men. Be sure to check the snack bars after your workouts and go at somewhat regular times to increase your chances of becoming the lady he’ll want to see in more (or less!) than sweats.
6.     Union Square- Go when there is a Farmer’s Market.
7.     Central Park or any other park- You need to walk your dog anyway, right?
8. You can have fun with groups of people that you share similar interests with and make friends with both men and women who can introduce you to your future boyfriend- if he doesn’t introduce himself! (Perhaps, this is less intimidating than a dating site. It’s ideal if you are new in town and need a tour guide!)
9.     Dinner Parties- Yes, despite all the excellent food options likely to be found within a five minute walk of your apartment, there is something to be said for actually cooking a meal and inviting friends over to share it. Make sure every friend brings a new friend-preferably one who is tall, dark, and handsome!
10. Wall Street- Go hangout in lower Manhattan. It’s still good for something!
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